Calvary Baptist Church originally started as a group Bible study in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dobuszowski during the 1930s.  As the group began to grow in number, they started meeting in what was a theater at the main intersection in Frackville.  A parcel of land was donated by Benjamin Filer, a St. Clair plumber, and Charles Yourshaw began construction of the church building in 1939.

While construction was ongoing, the church began to hold services in the downstairs floor of the church.  When construction was finally completed, a formal dedication service was held for the Ukrainian Polish Baptist Church in December of 1940.

By the 1970s, the church had dwindled to only a small handful of people and was without a pastor.  These faithful members continued to meet at the church weekly to pray.  It was in 1975 that the church became introduced to Pastor James Starr.  Pastor Starr was the pastor of Calvary Independent Bible Baptist Church of Ashland, a church located a few miles away that was in need of a building.  The Lord saw fit to join these two congregations, and in that year, it became Calvary Baptist Church of Frackville.

During the 1980s, the church operated “Calvary Baptist Christian School.”  Due to the size of the church and the need for more classroom space, the church proposed plans to construct an addition on the building.  This decision faced tense opposition from people within the community, but despite any best efforts to stop the expansion, the church was granted full permission to construct the addition.  This construction was completed in 1986.  Most notable about this project was that approximately 90% of the construction was completed on a volunteer basis by members of the church.

Through the last 80 years, Calvary Baptist Church has seen its fair share of ups and downs.  What has been found to be true is that God is always faithful, and that, if His people are willing to remain steadfast and faithful, the work of the Lord will not cease to continue.

Since 1940, the church has been under the leadership of many different pastors.  These were men that loved the Lord and labored hard to see the work of the Lord continue to grow.  The church is currently led by Pastor Joshua Hughes.

Despite Satan’s greatest efforts to stop the work of the Lord, Calvary Baptist Church continues to shine as a light in this spiritually dark corner of the world.  Its focus has been and continually will be to make a difference in the heart of the Coal Region.